Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TTFT Evolves

Over the last four months, The Traveling Faerie Tour has seen its fair share of iterations. We’ve collected a series of lessons learned. And the biggest lesson learned is that we truly CAN travel full time with a 3 year old.

When we started our traveling adventure, the Faerie King still resided in Afghanistan. So our loyal steed, Pixie Dust (aka a Honda Odyssey), originally held enough stuff for only the Faerie Queen and Princess...perfectly. And then he came home. Hmm…

So, our organizational system molded and shaped to suit our ever-evolving needs. Of course, when the first thing out of the King’s mouth was, “Why can’t you just have one pair of shoes?” I realized more than our organizational system needed adjustment. He understands now.

In all seriousness, when we first started thinking about traveling full-time we got a slew of well-meaning commentary from friends and family. This ranged from it-can’t-be-done to are-you-freaking-nuts?? And it took everything we had to maintain our vision and pursue our dream.

And the dream continues to evolve. It started with our desire to show the Faerie Princess something different – to educate her and raise her in various environments with a multitude of influences. Then we realized that fulfilling our desires isn’t enough. We want to serve.

As we traveled around the country and met so many people, we recognized an opportunity to serve. Our dream now includes giving back to our tribe – disabled veterans. We want to raise awareness about, provide training for and give money to wounded warriors and other disabled veterans. As our world continues to shift rapidly we recognize the need for swift and successful reintegration processes for our returning service-members.

So, our second biggest lesson learned is that our dream is much, much bigger than ourselves. We see very clearly the point in time when The Traveling Faerie Tour arrives in various cities, engages with a group of veterans, distributes funding to well-organized veteran organizations and serves the community that served the rest of us selflessly.

What a life!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Called to Serve

We are very blessed to spend time with friends, family and business associates (who have become family) as we continue to travel around the country. Strangers share their joy with us as we interact with them and become friends along the way.  As we share so many great experiences with everyone we realized the Faerie Tour is about one thing...service.  As the Faerie Queen and King are both veterans it seemed fitting to give back to our “tribe.”  So if you have a project, a charity or an event that serves veterans let us know so the Faerie Tour can plan a visit!  The Traveling Faerie can we be of service?

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Little Things

(Reposted from Raising Aven)

As I continuously contemplate the life we're building for Aven, I catch myself wondering about the little things. For instance, yesterday was Valentine's Day. For every person reared in a traditional school environment in the US, Valentine's Day is a significant event -- selecting the right cards, choosing the right candy to go inside. And for some of us, before egalitarianism took over, we got to choose who received a card and who didn't. Ah...the good ol' days of peer pressure and self-esteem inducing/reducing traditions.